Building a self-driving RC car

This session will share our experiences in converting a small remote controlled car into an autonomous driving vehicle. We’ll talk about electronics, sensors, AI, computer vision and of course, the software that ties everything together.
We’ll introduce you into the world of self driving cars and compare our solution to the stuff that is done in the big leagues by the likes of Tesla’s ‘autopilot’ and Waymo’s self driving cars. We’ll explain the challenges that have to be faced and the dilemma’s that come with creating a car being driven by software in real world scenarios.

The presentation will cover the following topics:
– the hardware and software of the RC-car
– the image processing pipeline
– the hardware used in world scale self driving cars
– some ethical dilemmas involved in self driving cars

The presentation consists of slides with several short clips of test runs of our self driving RC-car. We will show some java code running the image processing pipeline.