The Internet of Drums

The Internet of Drums is a magical device that translates 1’s and 0’s to BADUMs and TISHes. IoT has never been so loud and exciting.

During this talk, the audience can control the drum machine with their smartphone, while they explore its design and execution in detail. What’s in the box? What’s in the cloud? How do they communicate? How do I make one myself?

Because that’s the best part: you can build the whole thing yourself! The Internet of Drums is totally open source: from laser-cut case design to backend software. Instructions included, pull requests welcome.

I will start with explaning the motivations for the project. Then we’ll dive into some basic (technical and musical) terminology before going into the design and implementation of the components of the Internet of Drums: the hardware (conneted Arduino, drum computer, connectors), the client, the backend server. Along the way, the sources of all components will be referenced (it’s all open source) and finally, the crowd will be able to live-upload their drum patterns and hear (and see) them being live played by the drum computer on stage.