Beam me up – Holographic telepresence using the Hololens

What if Augmented Reality glasses allowed you to communicate with friends far away as if they were in the same room? The hardware hacking team of TNG Technology Consulting has implemented a software prototype enabling such hologpraphic telepresence. Using this software it is possible to project the 3D shape of another person into your own field of view. This resembles the holograms in the “Star Wars” movies.

The Augmented Reality concept already exists since the late 1960s. Microsoft Hololens is one of the first autonomous devices that can enrich the real world with computer generated elements and so-called holograms. Within this talk we will show and explain some ideas and concepts from the field of Mixed Reality. We will present some technical details of the device and demonstrate them within live showcases. Furthermore, we will show some simple programming examples for the Hololens using Unity 3D.