Keynote: Building an analytical factory – from big data experiments to a data driven organization

Almost every company has started all kinds of experiments with big data technology. There is a big difference in companies who are data driven by origin and those who are not. In the financial sector most of the corporate companies have been around for decades and are not-data-driven by nature. The general idea is that big data can help in detecting new business models, sustain growth and will lower costs at the same time. Most of the experiments are noted as promising and first large scale successes are being rolled out to the market place. The next puzzle to crack is how to build a sustainable data driven community within a large scale corporate company. What does it mean for the way you treat data, data governance, technology and business development. And above all how do you create a data driven culture. Modern data scientists want to have impact with modern data-technology and want to work in a data science community where availability of data is not something one have to spend to much time on. We will share the learnings of Rabobank in becoming a data-driven company.