Down and dirty on the network: debugging the IoT with Wireshark

IoT devices have three things in common: sensors, compute power, and networking. We know how to use a voltage meter to fix a broken sensor, and can use printf() or single stepping to debug our code, but what about the network? Sometimes, you just need to know what’s happening on the wire or in the ether.
This is where Wireshark comes in: a magical tool that lets you track and analyse network traffic, but how do you put it to work? We will go into what you can use Wireshark for, how the tool works, and the a few of the most often used features.

Things we will touch upon are:

  • Setting up network interception in various ways;
  • Interpreting and tracing traffic;
  • Working with encrypted traffic and when you should bother;
  • Typical troubleshooting screnarios.

This workshop gives a high-level overview of the ways in which you can use this wonderful tool in your own practice.

You will be using your own laptop, and we’ll provide the necessary software.