Hands On Lab – From device to acting on insights with the Azure IoT platform

In this hands-on lab you will be creating the complete chain from configuring, connecting a device via packet radio technology to The Things Network cloud, to bridging the cap between the TTN cloud and the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, creating actionable insights on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform and sending commands all the way back to the device.

This includes assembling hardware, configuring hardware and software and coding the missing logic to a complete IoT solution The workshop will simulate a remote located machine malfunctioning and getting restarted based on the received telemetry and created insights based on the telemetry data. You will be creating all components to get the malfunctioning machine back up running again. All of that within 2 hours.

Technologies used during the hands-on lab; Arduino development boards, sensors, The Things Network gateway (packet forwarder), LoRa & Lora WAN, The Things Network cloud and Microsoft Azure IoT Platform including Azure Web Jobs, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream analytics, Azure Event hub, Azure blob storage and Azure Functions.

In collaboration with The Things Network at Hackaton Area