Quickie: Using Docker and Kubernetes as an orchestrator – for heating showers

At Nerdalize, we are working hard on a sustainable alternative to current cloud solutions. Current datacenters are huge energy wasters – in 2017 the datacenter industry surpassed the aviation industry when it comes to CO2 emissionsNerdalize avoids the datacenter entirely by placing these heat producing servers as aided heating systems in homes. Not only does This innovative set-up drastically reduces the household’s gas consumption whilst slashing the energy originally needed for server cooling.

All sorts of businesses and research institutes are in need of these large servers to solve large computational problem: From the analyses of satellite images to the transcoding of videos, from DNA analyses to hydro engineering. In this talk Ad van der Veer will discuss what new cloud native technologies can do for businesses and researchers that want to run their workloads in the datacenterless future.

Container technologies allow us to make workloads portable, allowing for an environment where it is much more efficient to transfer data and workloads to homes than to transfer heat from datacenters to homes.

Goal of this talk is to inspire listeners to make use of the possibilities that come with containerization, with a unique example with the aim of saving the environment