Smart contracts for Verifiable claims

For the master thesis of Frank Brinkkemper a design study has been performed in order to create verifiable academic degree registry on the blockchain. In the thesis the design choices are laid out for the creation of this registry on a public deployment of the Ethereum network. Frank is working with SURF for a pilot of this design at the Dutch universities.
For this thesis a proof of concept has been built to showcase the functionality of the smart contract, and proof it can work in practice. This concept is very easily translatable to more broad so called verifiable claims, also see the work of the world wide web consortium: These are verifiable pieces of data which contain what one entity said to another. In this Technical session we would like to introduce the concept of verifiable claims, and see how this is a real use case for blockchain and smart contracts. We will go over the implementation of the design of Frank for his thesis, and talk about at least one other application that showcases the need in a B2B setting.
Lastely we show how these application are used at Topicus to enhance process flows.