TEQnation beer: how we automated the process of brewing the perfect beer (TASTING INCLUDED!)

A technical session where you’ll learn to brew your own perfect beer using a Raspberry Pi, some simple equipment and open source software: how awesome is that?

Who doesn’t like a nice cold beer, that’s crafted with passion, dedication and craftsmanship? But did you know that a beer tastes even better when you brewed it yourself? However, beer brewing is a very delicate process that takes weeks before the final product is ready. There’s no backlog, no guidance and mistakes are easily made. So how to get the human error out of the beer brewing? Simple, since we are developers and we like to automate things!

In this session you’ll learn about the basic principles of beer brewing, how to brew beer at home and how to automate the entire brewing process with some simple hardware and open source software.

We’ll show you the entire beer brewing process in word, pictures, video and live demo (hardware and software) of the Teqnation beer, an ode to the Belgian Tripel. We start with the necessary ingredients, our brewing equipment and the delicate process of home brewing. Then we’ll tell more about how we automated the entire process using a Raspberry Pi, different sensors and open source software.

We sense temperature during the various stages of the brewing process and use a Raspberry Pi to turn relays on and off to control the heating and cooling elements. A hydrometer is used for real-time monitoring of the fermentation process. All measurements and graphs are shown on a Raspberry Pi touchscreen display.

To automate the brewing process, we’ve used the open source software CraftBeerPi. With CraftBeerPi you can automate the entire beer brewing process from the heating, mashing and kettle configuration to the fermentation process. It’s completely open source and it can be extended with your own Python plugins.

During the session you can have a taste of the Teqnation Beer we brewed for all attendants! You’ll be amazed! Beer and technology: a perfect combination and a perfect ending to a tech conference!