Cor van der Struijf

Adoption Leader @IBM

As IBM Adoption Leader – Watson & Cloud Platform, Cor van der Struijf helps organizations with business and IT challenges during their transformation journey. Together with these organizations, he identifies and implements innovative solutions, while utilising open standards like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and containers. Given these engagements, he is a regular speaker at events and guest lecturer at universities to present on technology developments and their impact, including Cloud, Cognitive, and Quantum Computing.

Recently, Cor has been appointed as the IBM Q Evangelist for Benelux, being part of the European Quantum Computing organization. Furthermore, Cor is the current chair of IBM Benelux Technical Expert Council. After becoming an IBM Academy of Technology member in 2012, he joined in 2016 the Academy of Technology Leadership Team, with a specific focus on Technical Eminence. Since 2016, Cor is IBM Europe Technical Specialist Profession Leader to grow skills and capabilities of technical professionals.

Cor has a Doctorate in physics from Utrecht University and a Master of Business Administration degree with distinction from Warwick University.

Cool Tech: Introduction to Quantum Computing, a Pretty Cool Innovation

Cool Tech: Introduction to Quantum Computing, a Pretty Cool Innovation

Computing. Whereas in the past quantum computing was the sole domain of physicists nowadays everyone can access this technology thanks to IBM. You don’t need to be a physics expert to use IBM’s quantum computing experience. New breakthroughs can be achieved in your field of expertise, such as healthcare solutions, autonomous cars, new financial models […]