Inou Heideman

Co-owner and business developer of Loratec

At Loratec we develop embedded systems (hardware) and firmware in the area of Internet of Things; with a specialization in LoRa(WAN).
As co-owner and business developer of Loratec I’m involved in the actual process of getting Internet of Things applications from an idea to actually realizing and developing a product: which has already involved me with many products and market segments. As such, I would like to share this experience and inspire people about the possibility of IoT by giving keynotes about those processes and illustrating actual applications.

Furthermore, I hold a master’s degree in Business Administration, from the University of Twente (the Netherlands).

Getting real with IoT!

Quickie: Getting real with IoT!

Internet of Things promises many advantages and can contribute to varying market segments. But did you ever wonder what Internet of Things and smart devices can contribute to you specific situation or in your desired application? During this short session, we will get real with Internet of Things by delving into actual current applications of […]