Johan Stokking

Tech lead and Co-founder of The Things Network

Johan Stokking is tech lead and co-founder of The Things Network. Together with a strong community, he is on a mission to build an open, crowd sourced and decentralized internet of things data network. The city of Amsterdam was covered in six weeks. Global coverage is next.

Johan started The Things Network in the summer of 2015 with Wienke Giezeman. With over a 300 communities worldwide, impact on thousands of people and a reach in the millions, they are committed to build the global network together with the community.

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Building a global LoRaWAN network: The Things Network

The next generation of internet of things devices are ultra low power and communicate of kilometers of distance. This is not only about making existing use cases be more power efficient, it is mostly enabling new use cases. Think parking sensors and smart street lighting in cities, intelligent irrigation and livestock trackers in agriculture and […]