Pim Otte

Consultant/software developer at Quintor

Pim is a junior consultant/software developer at Quintor. Currently, he is working on StudyBits, which aims to provide an international blockchain solution for storing diplomas, using the Sovrin ledger. His other responsibilities include building a development stack for Quintor’s future blockchain activities on the Ethereum platform. Before this he finished his MSc Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology. He co-authored “TrustChain: A Sybil-resistant Scalable Blockchain”, which has been published in Future Generation Computer Systems.

Ethereum: Unboxing the Truffle Box for Angular

Ethereum: Unboxing the Truffle Box for Angular

Blockchain is all the hype. But how do we get started? In this session we will visit a full stack of blockchain development. Our choice of technology here is the Ethereum platform combined with the Truffle Framework for smart contracts. Using Quintor’s Truffle Box for Angular (https://github.com/Quintor/angular-truffle-box), we will visit writing and deploying smart contracts. […]